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Summer home decorating ideas to brighten up your home

Summer home decorating ideas to brighten up your home

Ever noticed how a few sunny days in summer can change the way you feel? With the sun on your face, a warm breeze through your hair and the prospect of daylight lasting way into the evening, even the journey to work can feel a little more uplifting than usual!

So why not hold onto that summer spirit for longer this year by giving your home a special splash of sunshine? With our summer décor ideas, you can heighten the holiday mood and hold onto your summer memories even as your beach tan begins to fade – if you’re lucky enough to have one!

The great thing about summer home décor is that simplicity rules. Whether you’re inspired by exotic Mediterranean landscapes or the traditional seaside styling you might find closer to our shores, bringing the summer inside is all about creating a feeling of light, space and air. From pastel shades to natural textures, from lush botanical prints to seaside candy stripes, a gorgeous summer interior is great at fending off grey skies – even when our summer weather doesn’t quite cooperate.

So, what kind of DIY summer tips should you take on board for a sun-splashed look this year?    

Give your summer home a Mediterranean feel

If you’ve ever enjoyed a wonderful Mediterranean holiday, you know that the blazing sunshine and the local interior décor are very well matched. Brilliant white is an obvious choice – but if that feels a bit too full on for your home, think cooling pastel shades or subtle light grey tints on plain plastered walls. Then you can layer up with fabrics that hint at summer hideaways by Mediterranean beaches, including luscious cool cotton or soft linen drapes and throws.

Wicker and raffia help to continue the beachside theme, so think cane chairs, wicker baskets, raffia lampshades and natural rugs made from materials such as coir or jute. Then swap your slippers for a pair of flip-flops – and relax!

Enjoy a taste of Italian style

One of the most beautiful locations for a summer getaway is Italy’s Amalfi coast, where sharp lemon yellows and deep blues are typical of its sun-dappled summer interiors. Why not capture the flavour of those long, lazy Italian afternoons in your own home – even if you’ve still got the laundry and the school run to deal with rather than drinks and nibbles in a Sorrento bar?

With brilliant white as your backdrop, use deep blues and citrus yellows to create interest and detail, and look out for the Italian patterned ceramic tiles that define this distinctive look. They look great in kitchens and bathrooms of course, but also work well in living areas used as coasters or as simple decoration.

Add to the welcoming indoors/outdoors feel by hanging lemon-themed prints or using areas of lemon-patterned wallpaper – and don’t forget that the real thing can be decorative too! A wooden or glazed ceramic bowl of juicy lemons creates a real splash of summer.

Crockery and ceramics with a summer twist

Not that lemons are the only fruits that create a fresh summer look in your home. Instead of hiding a few apples away in a corner of the kitchen, fill a large, floral bowl with tempting summer fruits such as peaches, nectarines and grapes, and make a feature of their rich and vibrant colours. Plus, of course, they’re great for summer snacking – so don’t forget to keep them topped up!

Remember too that kitchen crockery can be decorative as well as functional. Glazed plates and bowls with summery designs such as flowers or berries work brilliantly in ornamental arrangements, as well as working hard when you’re serving up the evening meal. Terracotta tableware always carries a hint of summer holidays too, so make the most of this traditional material throughout your home.


DIY summer décor to transform your home

One interior DIY trend that looks set to last through summer and beyond is wooden wall panelling, particularly slat wall finishes in either light or dark woods. This is a world away from the heavy wood panelling you might associate with Victorian or Edwardian interiors. Instead, today’s modern wall panels are about achieving elegance and sophistication with a light and delicate touch.

Used sparingly on a single feature wall, or even as a partial finish to highlight a specific area of a living room, slat panelling gives you a luxurious contemporary look well suited to summer living. Plus, wall panels are perfect for summer decorating and DIY installation, as they’re easy to cut to size and are typically fixed in place using a grab adhesive. Though of course, you can always call on the professionals if you prefer!


Summer furniture that makes a difference

Depending on your summer decorating budget, sculptural furniture in neutral or natural tones is another trend that’s big this summer. Strip back the clutter and make your furniture really count with statement curves and rounded corners – from chairs and coffee tables to ornamental pedestals and bookshelves.

Anwyl homes are designed to make family life easy, and a few well-placed furniture pieces leaves plenty of space for summer living, however hectic it might get! Plain wood finishes and softly curved detailing are on trend right now, and will look cool and classy for a long time to come.

Choose the right time to let in the light

While most of us love to see the sunlight streaming into our homes at this time of year, there are moments when we’re happy to keep the sunshine out – generally when we’re trying to sleep! So if you love the idea of freshening up your home interior for summer but you’re not ready to wake up at the crack of dawn, don’t forget to invest in some blackout curtains or blinds for your bedroom.

With sunrise checking in well before 5am at the height of summer, blackout curtains can help make sure the sunshine stays out until you’re ready to welcome it in, giving you the best chance of a good night’s sleep. They’re easily available in summer-friendly colours and prints too, so you can keep your summer theme alive even as you shut out the light.

Get started on your summer home décor!

These are just a few ideas to get you started as you think about your home’s summer décor, so whether you’re just choosing a few ornaments, applying a lick of paint or planning a much bigger transformation, the time for your sunny makeover is now!

Our summers don’t always last very long, but a few inspired decorating choices can help the sunshine stick around all year.