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Maximising the Value of Your Old Home 

When you’ve found your dream home and selling your old home, a top priority can be to receive the maximum amount possible for the sale. When you’ve found your dream home and are selling your old home, one of your top priorities should be to receive the maximum amount possible for the sale. There are a number of factors that you cannot change that will influence how much you get for your property. These include the current market and local area specific details such as how many properties are on the market and the top prices that buyers are prepared to pay in the area. Also, local additions can affect the value; such as improvements to local transport links can increase the value of your property, or derelict buildings having a negative impact. It is better to concentrate on the things that are within your power to influence. If you are looking for some assistance in getting the highest possible value for your property, the Anwyl Homes’ Move Simple Scheme will help you to do this. Alternatively, if you are working directly with estate agents then you may also want to get a few different valuations to compare. In addition to this, there are also a number of very effective ways of maximising the value of your old home, which are related more to the property presentation. By applying a few small changes, you could significantly improve your chances of getting higher offers: Clean and tidy appearance When people come to view your property, they can get put off by clutter so put in every effort to ensure the home is tidy and clean. The idea is to show the prospective homebuyers what the space would look like with their possessions in the house. Alternatively, keeping the house clear of toys, bikes, dirt, or messes to showcase the house in its best light. Keeping the furniture and clutter to a minimum can create more space in the home, giving the illusion that it is bigger. Even the smaller details like having a layer of dust on surfaces can have an impact on how people perceive your property, so give it a good clean before viewings if you want to attract the best offer. It is also important to make a good impression with your garden, so mow the lawn, add some seasonal flowers and do that weeding that you have been putting off. Repair minor problems If you have any small home repairs that need doing, whether it is a tiny scratch in some wood or some paint peeling on your window frame, get them completed. They are likely to cost little more but a tin of paint can go a long way in terms of maximising your home’s value. Keep a close eye on:
  • Sockets – are they working properly, uncracked or do they need to be replaced?
  • Windowsills – ensure they are freshly painted and the windows are sparkling clean
  • Carpets – get them professionally cleaned and add a light fragrance to a bottle of water and spray before a viewing to bring attention to the cleaned floors
  • Dents in the wall – make sure there isn’t anything obviously dented or scratched
  • Lighting – check each light bulb to confirm it’s working, give the area a good clean, and dust any lampshades
  Quick wins in the kitchen If kitchen cupboards look a bit dated, you do not have to get the full set replaced, especially if they are working efficiently. Instead, you can give them a fresh coat of paint and then buy some new handles that modernise the look and make them seem a lot newer. Kitchens can be a great way to show space, lighting, and special features so clean the area well and clear the counter of unnecessary litter. Quick wins in the bathroom Replace taps and showerheads with more modern versions, which will be fairly cheap to do but will give a much better impression of the overall bathroom. Make sure that your bath, sink, toilet etc. are sparkling clean and re-grout tiles if necessary. Replace the old toilet seat with a new one which should only cost around £20 but can make the whole toilet look like new. Little touches that go a long way also are flowers, incense, a colourful shower curtain (which you can use in your new home!) or nice smelling candles.