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Homes that help the planet and put money in your pocket

The latest figures show just how energy-efficient new homes are compared to older properties. As well as helping to save the planet, your new home could save you over £2,000 on your energy bills.

Whether it’s separating our recycling, keeping showers short or cycling to work, we all like to do our bit for the planet. One of the biggest ways to make a difference isn’t our car or our dinners, it’s the home we live in.

Latest figures show that living in a new build could greatly reduce your household’s energy footprint. According to the Watt a Save report from the Home Builders Federation (HBF), new builds are 66% more energy efficient than older properties. On top of that, they release 61% less harmful carbon into the atmosphere.

You might have seen traffic light energy ratings when you buy a new fridge or washing machine. They tell you how energy-efficient something is. The equivalent for houses is called an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and it works in much the same way. According to the HBF, 85% of new builds achieve the highest EPC ratings of A or B compared to less than 5% of older properties.

And there’s more: as well as going easy on the planet, your energy-efficient home is easier on your wallet too. New builds with an A or B rating can save homeowners up to £2,575 per year in energy bills. That’s the cost of your next summer holiday!

Check out the full report.